Lauren Charley

I am a professional writer and Editorial Coordinator from Niagara-on-the-Lake, working remotely as I explore what the world has to offer.

Writing, specifically for luxury travel, properties and yachting content is my strength, yet I am confident and capable of writing and editing material on an array of topics. My researching and interviewing abilities have enabled me to create articles rich in factual and scientific content. Most recently, my copywriting skills were presented in beautiful advertisements in for renowned Fitness magazines including Sports Illustrated and Men's Health.

When my writing takes a fictional direction, an impressive vocabulary meets a wild imagination. Factual information takes a journey through an enchanted place of mystery as my passionate writing style uncovers the hidden gems and best kept secrets of a story.

I love to write. It's my passion, my talent, and my vocation.

Staying Fit At Work

Working a full-time desk job generally means working eight hours a day, five days a week; not to mention the additional time we spend working late nights with our coworkers to meet deadlines over take-out Chicken Chow Mein. Plus there is usually the excruciating and tedious time we spend commuting to our occupations, arriving home barely in time to pop a Swanson’s TV dinner into the microwave. This doesn’t leave us with much free time to pamper ourselves or engage in physical activity. However, there are ways to sneak in fitness by utilizing both those free hours outside our jobs and the time we spend in the workplace!

Planning Your Dream Outdoor Wedding in Niagara

The classic fantasy of a traditional “big white wedding” frequently takes place on a warm, mid-summers day when the trees are blossoming and flowers are in full bloom, painting a picture of an enchanting, Disneyesque “fairytale” wedding. Although most traditional marriages take place within a church, followed by an indoor reception at a hotel or event hall, outdoor weddings are becoming increasingly popular with modern brides.